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  Roll Pouch Sealing Machine
  Roll Pouch Sealing Machine
  Voltage: 220/50 V/Hz
Power: 400W
Fuel: 3A
Sealing Size: 250mm(Max)
Sealed Edge: 10mm
Weight: 5.5kgs(net)
Packing Size: 19.5x39x28.5cm
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  Ideal sealing condition--adjustable sealing temperature. Tidy cut--installed bi-blade cutting device to make sure the tidy cut. Easy operation--knock-down bang hanging bar is suitable for all kind of sterilizer sealing bags. Quality guarantee--heating material is made of space flight materials. We can supply sealing bags: Being made of medical paper and polypropylene layer,which indicatesthe sterilizing process by colour diversity.Sealing the sterilizing object can make it stay in asepsis state for a long time.Standard weights for the sealing bags:5cm,7cm,10cm,15cm,20cm,length:200m,100m,to correspond to different sealing size.

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